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Maybe these pix will help... First of all I called that a 2-way junction block, and I guess it should be called a 3-way junction block, since the other end goes into the engine.
It would be called a two way Ray. The actual vacuum source has no bearing. The term four way needed had me scratching my head...

There are subtle difference(s) between the 58 and 59/60.

Is there any way you would be willing to take more concise photo(s) of your car regarding this photo in the TECH SECTION?

In this picture above you can also see how the line comes off the (#1) steel line mentioned above through the check valve and then connects to the brake booster. You can see how that rubber line from the check valve goes to the "T" on top of the power brake booster.

Does the booster line actually split at some point or am I misreading the author's description?
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