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Be aware that some vendors, especially eBay, peddle Chinese parts because the price is much lower. I want to steer you away from buying cheap crap. Use name brand parts whenever you can.

Be selective when buying coil springs and buy them from a reputable spring company because I caution you, many have found this out the hard way. Do the job right so you only need to do it once.

I have a long relationship with (800) 423-3723 in PA. Bill or Ellis know their stuff and are happy to help with any questions. I know, they try their best to offer domestic-made parts with prices are very competitive. Ellis said his bushings are domestic. For awhile, all bushings were made in India.

You need to jack your car high and rest the frame members on jack stands. The body needs to be solid. Before getting under there, give your car a good shake. If it's not solid, make it so.

A spring compressor is NOT needed. As you see in the pictures, the lower control arm must swing all the way down to the floor, so get the body up there. I normally rest the rear wheels on ramps for a good solid base.

The most difficult part is, removing the old bushings after the control arms are out. I use a propane torch (outdoors) to heat the rubber, then it melts right out. What's left is a steel outer shell. I cut a slit from inside the hole with a hacksaw, being careful not to cut the control arm. A slit is enough to relieve any pressure so the shell taps out easily.

I use a 3-4" pipe nipple and a big hammer to drive the new bushings in. The pipe surrounds the bushing and backs-up the control arm as you pound the new bushing in. I have a press but never used it.

Never tighten your control arm bolts until the car sits LEVEL.

Hope this helps. - Dave
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