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Originally Posted by ncbird View Post
...My acquisition of the bracket was to try and give something back to this forum and future users. Grant
Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
Hi Grant, that is very commendable and very much appreciated!...
I agree with both you guys. My intentions are not to disrespect your efforts, Grant. The part is VERY rare and they worked flawlessly. Now that you actually have one in hand, real measurements trump 'unobtanium'. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

Sometimes I think of obsolete tools like the slide rule. Keuffel & Esser sold very expensive models that architects used to design and construct skyscrapers in major cities (like the Empire State Bldg. and the Eiffel Tower).
Since the hand-held calculator became popular and cheap in the mid-1970's, no more slide rules and no more college courses on how to use them.

Still, those original tools and parts work just fine. - Dave
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