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Sorry Scott, but I didn't see your post until now. My Memorial Day was wicked busy and I did an electrical job yesterday. I continue that job tomorrow.
Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
I use simple shim stock. It comes in rolls that most tool & die or machine shops buy.

You don't need much and it doesn't need to be thick. Simply surround the gasket with a 1/4" of .020-.025" shim then bolt her down...
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Thanks Dave, although I'm confused. Mostly because I haven't seen what the cross over looks like but I'd imagine it looks like a small port on the intake? Can you describe what you mean by surrounding the gasket with shim stock?
Here is my Edelbrock FE aluminum intake manifold (upside down) with a FelPro gasket. Notice, the gasket has a hole for the crossover port but the manifold is blank under that hole.

As a side note, FE intake manifolds only have water ports at the front but the heads are interchangeable so they must have water ports on both ends. Therefore, the gaskets have coolant holes on both ends even though only the front is used for coolant flow.

Also notice, these Edelbrock heads do NOT have the exhaust manifold crossover port. There is no need to block off these Edelbrock parts because it's already done.

I couldn't get an aluminum intake for my Y-block overhaul so I blocked-off that hole by cutting a piece of brass shim stock that surrounded the crossover port by 1/4" on all sides. This info may be more useful when you get your aluminum FE intake manifold. - Dave
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