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Originally Posted by sidewalkman View Post
Was under it for 3 hours last night. the drivers side outside lower nut on the stud for the exhaust pipe is being a puke. Might be stripped. it loosened about a 1/4 inch then I run into the socket hitting the frame right there. I'm trying a different socket this weekend. I need to drop the pipes to access the bottom manifold bolts.

And John, there is no chance at all that there was never seize on them, lol. I might end up pulling the head, I am through driving it this summer anyway and I would like to look at the valve train. I have a gut feeling that the intake water jackets might be partially plugged just by the burnt paint on the intake. I flushed it during the summer and the crap that came out was pretty ugly.

I must say, that motor is shoe horned in there!!! I have the car on jack stands on the front frame and it might make fife easier to undo the nuts on the motor mounts and lift the motor an inch or two.

On our old bird there was another set to go on, the original bolts that wouldn't budge were ground off, lifted what was left of the exhaust manifold and removed the remaining bolts with heat and vice grips. Not any help if you are re-using the exhaust manifolds. Good luck. I think they built the body first and then tried to figure out how to jam the engine in. lol
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