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Thx gents!
Unfortunately this motor had already been gone through before, and the coil wasn't attached when I bought it. I don't find anything that can really help me tag, stamp, or cast wise, but it's really not that big of a deal. I have what I know is a 390 and I know what the distance between the 2 holes is for the Z bar clutch equalizer bracket. What I did with the other parts I found on E-bay was ask the seller what the measurements were. I'll have to do the same here until I find what I need. Basically I have the correct Z-bar for a 59 T-bird, and I'll have to find the engine side (lower) equalizer bar bracket for a 67ish 390. May have to make some mods but I'll get it to work eventually.

At least I know what to ask for when I get the "head dowels". I bought a complete felpro gasket set for the 390, but they weren't included. No biggie.

thx again to all
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