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Hm, I still don't see where I can tell if the first number "2" with two dots under it means it's a 1962, or 1972 block? I can't find a "part casting number, usually cast or stamped into the part." on my block where it should be.
The reason I need to know is because I am looking for the "mounting-clutch equalizer bar bracket" (engine side).
I've found a few of these on E-bay but I don't think they will work with my block. The mounting holes on my block appear to be ~3 inches apart. If you look here you'll see the various ones on E-bay.
Problem is, they are all about 1 9/16 inches apart on the hole centers. Otherwise they would work fine.

Also, can anyone tell me what they call the short little pieces of tube that are used to keep the heads in place when putting them back on an engine? They go in the lower corner holes on the block.

Thx as always, Dave J
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