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Of course not, Doug. A Corvette is a Corvette, unlike every other domestic car. But, adding a stiff sway bar(s) will keep any car very flat around corners without otherwise altering the ride.

I think Squarebirds came with a 3/4" (or so) front sway bar. My Mustang has a way-bigger diameter than that. What size did you buy from Kanter?

Rear sway bars help a lot, too. If your car doesn't have a rear sway bar I hope you will get one for the coming season.

Rear sways are lacking in their mounting. Many bar manufacturers leave that up to the installer with very little help. My cousin's '57 Chevy has a rear sway mounted with soft threaded rod and it flexes! I noticed one day when the car was in the air, that the rods were bent.

There is no excuse for poor mounting. Companies like offer heims rods for steering at very reasonable prices. Here's a 1/2"-20 beefy one for six bucks:

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