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Default 430 Mel Rebuild

Well, here I am Dave figured I would post up on the forums about the damper issue I have been having to see if anyone else can shed light on the situation. I am Nick the guy that has torn down and now rebuilt this 430...twice. I'm not going to go into too much detail about the struggles and hurdles I've had to overcome with this so far just because I know Dave has heard it all

In any case the issue I am having is that the damper seems to be pulling up too close to the inside seal on the vein style crank driven power steering pump.

As you can see by the image when I bolt the damper to the crank it goes metal to metal contact with the inside front seal of the power steering pump and begins to scratch the hell out of it. This scratching was from just 2 full rotations of the engine and I'm quite certain that it would literally destroy that seal under thousands of rpm.

I originally thought I was missing a crankshaft spacer but I talked to both Al at Lincoln Land and Herb at Lincoln Old Parts both with vast knowledge of these engines and they both said there was no crankshaft spacer on the 1959/1960 LINCOLN 430 engines with 100% certainty. So now I'm left in the dark as to why or what to do about this problem.

The damper goes on approximately 1/4" too much so the harmonic pulley will not line up with the water pump or generator. My thinking was that maybe I could get a washer the same thickness as the floating sleeve that rides inside the power steering pump but maybe only 1/4" thick and put it in front of the sleeve and behind the damper. That would take up the extra space and keep the damper from running up against the inside seal of the power steering pump.

The assembly process goes as shown below in the pictures I took when disassembling. Crank bolt/washer, damper/pulley, powersteering pump, timing cover/gasket, oil slinger.

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