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Originally Posted by Astrowing View Post
Your car is awesome! A lot of work over the winter. So the rear bushings that are installed and that you are happy with are 35 shore, the softer compound?

Summer is here in Texas, 95F (35C) here today in Houston!
So far, VERY happy It rides just fine, as nothing works against anything anymore. It was a big difference and a big relief.
One thing to mention is that when the car sat on the ground without any rubber, there was space for 2 of the thick instead of one thick and one thin. When my rubber was made, I got some extra material left over that was just enough to make another set of the thick, so I now use 2 thick 35:s on each side and there is no play, but also no forces as they are soft. They just allow the rear axle to travel and kind of damp the outer ( up & down ) limits of the travel softly instead of a sudden stop that stresses the upper control arm bushing & bolt into the support frame. Springs and dampers are original, so handling is like it should be.
Will take a picture tonight.
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