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Default New Member intro

Hi Paul, Thanks for taking the lead in starting a New Member Intro thread. I hope that the 40 some new Little Bird members will introduce themselves to us so we can get to know all of you better.

As for screwing up, Paul, you didn't. You just did not know how this Forum is set up. Heck, Jed has been a member for several years and he didn't know some of the things that I pointed out in my post. I am sure it is the same with many other older members. When Alexander Sosiak founded Squarebirds and set it up, he set it to show the newest posts first and that is the way it has been ever since. That is the default setting for all members. I guess he felt like I do, and other Administrators/Moderators. We all look at and review each new thread started, and all other threads, and all the posts in them. So we already know what is in them and are interested in what is being said in the newest posts. But in his wisdom, when he set up this Forum, he also gave us a good number of features that can be edited and changed, as I pointed out, like changing from viewing Newest First to Newest Last. Something else he also provided (which I suspect does not often get used) is a set of FAQ's found in the black bar towards the top of the Forum. Right next to User CP. Those FAQ's cover several main areas and about 30 common questions and answers that often come up.

Thanks for introducing yourself and telling us about about your Tbirds and other cars you own. I see you are a member that is going through a frame off restoration. Hopefully, it will be ready for the next CTCI events. I will be showing my '59 Tbird at my first VTCI event in April. It will be the first time it will be judged under VTCI judging rules and I hope it fairs well.

That was quite a trip you made from NJ to Oregon and back and then to Ohio. You got to enjoy driving it before going through the restoration in progress now, and came to love driving the car. That is really important.

We would love to see pictures of your other cars you own. So that our other members can see them, I would suggest they be posted in the General Discussion section in the Our Rides Forum. We love to see what our other members are working on or driving. For the time being, until you decide which way you want to go in posting pictures, you can send them to me and I can post them for you. Your Little Bird pix we will post in this Forum. It is good that you are able to do much of the mechanical work on your cars. Others, like myself, are not that fortunate. In my case, it is lack of mechanical ability, age and health. But I have learned a ton of information about how to work on these old Birds since I have been on this Forum. There is just so much information to be soaked up.

I would think, that with your mechanical abilities, you should be a great asset here to your fellow Little Bird and other car owners. Feel free to jump in and help.

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