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Default Front spring size

Hi John, I see you were doing what I was doing! Going through my shop manual looking for the coil spring height figures! Like you, I found them in that section you referenced. It says Front Coil Spring Free Height "Aluminum Marking" 15 1/2" and "Yellow Marking" 15 3/4". As for the 430CI engine, according to the tech I talked with at Coil Spring Specialties, he said the 430CI coil springs were the same length as those for the 352CI engine. The difference was in the thickness of the coil springs and the weight load specs, as I remember. The difference being because I gather the 430CI engine is heavier. It would be interesting to see what the 1958 Shop Manual has to say about front coil spring free height. Anyone who has a '58 Shop Manual should find those figures in the Part 6-5 Specifications section if that manual is set up like the '59 manual is. Let's see if they happen to be 14 1/8" in '58... We now know that in '59 they were not, as the manual show 15 1/2" at the aluminum mark & 15 3/4" at the yellow mark.

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