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The kickdown rod is called the "Throttle Control Rod" in the shop manual. In the 60 shop manual it's in Part 6-2, Lubrication and Adjustments. The kickdown adjustment contols some internal transmission pressure, and tells the trans at what point to go into kickdown.

With engine NOT running --

You need to disconnect the Throttle Control Rod cotter pin and clevis at the top side near the carb control rod bracket.

Then, pull the throttle rod toward the front of the engine untill it hits the internal stop. Keep it there with one hand, and rotate the clevis, either way, untill it just enters back into the bracket hole.

Then, rotate the clevis 3 turns counterclockwise, which will lengthen the rod. Put the cotterpin back on the clevis, and that should be good for a manual setting.

If your control rod is set properly, and you still don't get a kickdown to happen, then there might be something wrong in the internal Throttle Body.

A more exact measurement and setting is made by using a pressure gauge connected to the schrader valve that is on the topside of the bell housing. I used a pressure gauge and checked mine last Summer.
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