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Default RE: New Forum for 1964-66

FINALLY, a forum for *MY* favorite Thunderbirds, the 1964-1966. Perhaps far from the most sought after today, and not especially the 'Bird that pops into people's minds when the think "Thunderbird" ~ nevertheless, Sandy's #1 Bird. Nothing against ANY other year, but .... the one that pumps my blood a bit harder.
My 2nd favorite series is the 1967-1971 my 3rd the 1972-1976 and my 4th the 1958-1960. Then the original of 1955 to 1957. The 1961-1963 I never much cared for and welcomed the 1964 with open ams. Intensly disliked the 1977-1982. I'll take a 1964 T-B Sports Roadster (Kelsey Hayes wires & Tonneau options) and all the rest of the goodies, in triple black.
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