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Eeeh, not too worried about it. Not even sure if it's the problem. No one drives the car except me. I NEVER leave it out of Park.

I need to go thru the whole column - Top to bottom.
(Which leads to my new post.)

Thanks for the concern though.

Originally Posted by Infinite Monkeys View Post
Bypassing the NSS is fine, if you'll fix it and put it back in service. IMHO it's an important safety feature and must be kept in place.

A guy I know bypassed it in his motorhome, some time later his daughter started the vehicle while standing outside it. The RV was in reverse and lunged back.
She was knocked to the ground by the open door. Luckily she was OK, but could have been very different.

If your NSS feature is no longer working, maybe you can put in a relay under the dash so the car will start only with the brake pedal applied. I did this some years ago on another vehicle.

I don't know exactly how off the top of my head, but basically you'll need to take power from the brake light switch and the two wires from the NSS on the steering column and run them through a relay.
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