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I just timed my 63 with a newer one. Its not a matter of staying original in my opinion becuase obviously technology has come a long way but still the basic stuff is pretty reliable. After you use the light just listen to the engine and drive it around for a few miles and you'll see/feel how many degrees to advance or retard. The one I used was pretty simple it just hooks to your number one plug wire and had a swiveling head which helped out. If you have a dwell meter (old technology but a few companies still make them) it will also help out a lot for a better reading of points and voltage etc. It mainly comes down to how much money you want to spend and you take a small risk when buying a used one or anything off of ebay to be honest. I bought some "unused oem plug wires" off ebay a year ago and they sure did burn out after a month and that was with sparatic driving.
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