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Default Final goldbird history

I have to say that it has been fun for me to share my recollections_of 50 years ownership of Goldbird and I appreciate the many comments my new square bird friends have made.
Any future postings by me would have to be recollections of the later years and those would be the same as most of you have encountered . So this is my last posting though I will continue to log into the site every day.

Now this is a different approach. How many times has someone who is admiring your car said this to you? " I had one just like this and should have kept it" In truth I would have to say that you are
lucky you didn't. First of all where could you store a car while waiting for it to be of value and not just an old car? The biggest draw back to what I did in keeping gold bird all those years is expense and I mean a lot of it. If you could keep a car in an air conditioned environment which would be almost impossible it would continue to deteriorate because that is what all metal objects do.

I really kept gold bird because I preferred it's style over subsequent models. In hindsight I would have been wiser to have kept it three years and moved on . Having decided to keep it required me to spend thousands of dollars over the years.
In fact right now even though everything is nearly perfect some small rust areas have surfaced and Tom is spending mega bucks to repair and paint again. The car deserves to be maintained and we both feel that has to be done. Probably neither of Tom's sons have much interest in gold bird including his son Tom
Tabor V so the day will come when it will be gone.

ON THE OTHER HAND I do not regret one bit that I kept her.
At one time goldbird was our only family car and the memories
are wonderful. I also have to admit bragging about being the original owner and ENJOYING the attention she gets. So all in all I guess I did the right thing. For one thing Tom IV is glad I did.

I am glad to have met several of you over the internet because of our common interest in beautiful square birds and even though I am in my 87th year I expect to be around for a while and always willing to try to answer your questions

Happy Birding to all Tom Tabor III
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