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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
A couple in my local Tbird Club are considering buying this 1965 Flairbird and are trying to find out more information regarding it, by contacting previous owners. I have checked the Tbird Registry and no one has ever registered it. Alan Tast of the VTCI has his own Tbird database and I have asked him also. Does anyone on here own a Flairbird with this VIN #, or have in the past? If you have, please send me some personal information regarding it, that I can pass on to them. They would just like to learn a bit more about it, other than what the Data Plate tells them. If you know of anyone else who has a Tbird registry that I can contact, please let me know also. Thanks!
Like looking for a needle in a haystack Ray . From the VIN we do know it is a '65 convertible . Have them make sure the data plate VIN matches the other two VIN's under the hood . Doors sometimes get changed without changing the data plate with it .

I do keep some VIN's here but mostly northern cars . The closest I can get is 5Y87Z145518
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