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Originally Posted by simplyconnected
In short, what is a fair price to bring a 430 MEL back to its original glory, and where can our members go to get it? This information should include the name and number of a reputable engine builder who is familiar with MEL 430 engines. - Dave
A "fair price" would be that in which both the buyer & seller were both satisfied with. Unfortunately, this would not consist of a specific number/monetary value across the board for any and all components and labor operations in every instance. Varying condition of the necessary items involved, & sum of the desired items to be addressed or replaced must be addressed on an individual basis. This question as you pose it, is not so simply answered.

Different vehicle owners (buyers) and different shops/rebuilding facilities (seller) often have different ideas/intentions of what is required to rebuild or even what the definition of such truly is. This requires a "meeting of the minds" or else dissatisfaction looms in the relationship. And if not in agreement, part company amiably, before one even begins.

The MEL engines are not so different from others (all have some sort of quirks), that any capable rebuilder/automotive machine shop shouldn't be able to provide such services. If the shop response is "we never worked on one of those before", this wouldn't be so surprising; but if also adding "I not sure if we know how", now, I suppose then I would move on.

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