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Tony, there is nothing wrong with using truck heads but you will have trouble racing with them. The intake valves are normally smaller for more low end torque.

To measure your stroke, put your damper on TDC. When #1 piston is up, #4 is down. Pull #1 and #4 spark plugs. Stick a rod in the spark plug hole until it bottoms and mark it at the valve cover flange with a sharpie. ( I like using welding rod because the coating is easy to write on.)

Now, pull the rod out and put it down #4 until it bottoms, and mark it the same way.

Pull the rod out and measure between your marks.

If you read, 3.5" you have a 352. If you read 3.784" you have a 390. You don't need a lot of precision here since the difference is over 1/4". Basically speaking, if you measure more than 3.5" it is NOT a 352.

The light truck (F-and E-series) engines are nearly identical to car engines. They may have a bit more bottom-end strength in the castings but all the bearing sizes are the same. I prefer using a truck engine to overhaul, especially one from the early 1970's. - Dave
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