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Originally Posted by Yellowbird View Post
I rebuilt my front end last year and I placed my jack stands where your's are placed. I raised the car by jacking in the middle of the crossmember. Of course for that job I had the front end very high. I also placed jack stands under the jacking points on both sides behind the front wheel. The service manual shows the locations of those areas.

I too, still left the floor jack under the center of the crossmember until the job was finished.

When I jack my car from the side, using the locations mensioning in the shop manual, I always have a piece of wood in between, as it is very easy to damage the underbody with the jacks "two horns".

Originally Posted by NYsquarebird58 View Post
So just to confirm: it’s perfectly safe to place my jack where I have indicated with the green arrow?

I currently have jack stands placed under the rear axle tubes, placing the jack stands under the front cross members shouldn’t be a problem, right?

(Sorry if I’m over thinking this, I get paranoid when lifting cars. I’m always afraid I’m going to bend something!)
Looking at your pic, thatīs exactly as I do it also, but with one difference. I always direct the top part ( the "horns" ) of the jack in car leingth position, so it stands firmer if there is any movement. As you have it now, with the horns pointing outboards, it looks little to scary for my taste I also use a bigger type, so the it kind of take up the thickness of the crossmember. The small one you use, I only use for the rear axle.
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