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Originally Posted by sidewalkman View Post
Hi Guys, Happy New Year. Mines starting with the ongoing chore of replacing the exhaust gaskets at the head and exhaust pipes.

I'm looking at the manual and I see there are 3 flat gaskets required, 2 on that valve contraption and 1 on the left side but when I pulled the pipes off on the drivers side there was a donut gasket in there. I'm thinking the PO made a mistake but I'm going to defer to your expertise. Is one required?
No. There should be no donut, only flat gaskets.

Originally Posted by sidewalkman View Post
On another note I have a second set of heads I'm thinking about using, they've had hardened seats installed and have some miles on them and the PO said they were good no oil getting past the valves etc but is there something I should look for? Other than carbon the valves all look good, no burning or scorching and the aren't bent.
If they have hardened valve seats I would certainly use them. I would remove the valve springs and check for play in the valve guides rather than trust what the PO said.

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