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This turned out to be a carnival of errors. First, the previouse owner(s) broke or cut the front turn signal/parking light wires and spliced them back together incorrectly causeing the wrong filiment to light on the drivers side. That caused the difference in light intensity between left and right. The failure of the turn signals to work at all was due to an unterminated wire at the fuse on the back of the light switch. Once this wire was connected properly three out of four signal lights worked. The passenger side rear turn signal did not work until I traced the voltage back to the new turn signal switch and found that if I manipulated the signal switch by hand, pressing it further by hand than the turn signal stem/switch naturally did, the passenger side rear signal would work. Which means that I must decide if I want to slightly press up on the turn signal stem to activate the passenger side (right) rear turn signal each time I want to signal a right turn or pull the new signal switch out and send it back in the hopes of getting a replacement that works properly. Hope this makes sense to the reader. Tomfoolery.
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