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Marcello the truth is, none of the Ford dealerships use a bumper jack. Bumper jacks come with every car w/full instructions and pictures.

There are much safer ways to hoist a car. Like your choice of motor oil, everyone has his own preference on how to hoist and support a car, including using ramps!

The real answer correlates with the type of work to be done, and if the wheels will be removed or if the suspension needs to hang. For a simple oil change or shock absorber change, ramps work very well.

Before getting under ANY raised car, give it a good shake. If it seems unstable, IT IS! There is no such thing as, 'too much safety.' We have little to gain and everything to lose, getting under an unsafe car. I know first hand. When I was a kid of 15, the family station wagon needed the snow tires removed. I bumper-jacked one side, removed the lug nuts, and as I was pulling the tire off the rear axle studs the car came down.

I consider myself very lucky on many levels. I was crouched down on one knee and pulling the massive snow tire off the '61 Pontiac Safari. The wheel well arch came down on top of my left knee and I heard a 'SNAP' as I was thrown backward. It happened so fast. I got up on one leg and immediately noticed my left leg had an extra joint right in the middle between my knee and ankle. Both bones were broken with the front one breaking the skin slightly. My leg ballooned at the break and filled my Levi's.

Ten minutes earlier the car was drivable. Did you ever get that feeling... you know, when you wish you were somewhere else. Now it's my fault that the wheel is stuck up in the well, the drum is on the ground; Mom's car is disabled in the driveway.

So, I hopped into the house up the steps and layed on the kitchen floor, yelling for Mom like a stuck pig. When the doctor looked at his x-rays he said, my I hopping up the steps set the bones as well as he could, manually.

It just happened, my cousin was visiting Mom right then. Johnny was a body builder and 22 yrs-old. He picked me up off the kitchen floor and carried me to the back seat of his Chevy, parked in the street. Since then, I have never used a bumper jack. I quickly learned about Craftsman Scissors Jacks and Jack Stands. At home I use two hyd. floor jacks. When the car is on jack stands, the floor jacks are under there, too. - Dave Dare
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