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our5t8bird, the fader control I was referring to is the knob behind the tuning knob on the right side of radio as looking at it. i'm not sure if that knob is called a fader or balance control between the front speaker and rear speaker. when I bought this bird it did not have any speakers so bought two new ones and installed them but radio only gives out some static when turning vol. control up or down. I did a bench test on this radio with 12 volt supply, speaker, and made up antenna. still only static so I decided to install said radio anyway. maybe i'll install fm radio later into the glove box. was hoping this radio would work even if only a few stations then connect a fm converter to it, but now I've got a bigger problem, a big power drain in the wiring that i'm trying to figure out, not having to much luck thanks to all for letting me ramble, larry.
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