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Originally Posted by Larry Tappen View Post
hey guys, need some advise on wiring at fuse box on my 64 bird. according to the wiring diagram in the elec. book page#24 4135-2 the picture shows the fuse box with a jumper wire on the circuit breakers, but in the shop manual on page #15-10 fig. 2 shows the jumper in a different spot, so my question is which is correct. and also about wiring, the radio, mine is an am with fader (I think). i'm thinking if it has fader control thus volume control between front and rear speakers which are installed. now where dose the real speaker plug in at radio, or is it part of the large plug when they are together. i'm looking at page #e4-4648-1. thanks for the help, larry
Just reading these posts again . Larry, you mention a ' fader knob ' next to your steering column . Far as I know, the radios never had a separate fader knob . Is it possible that your car had a " reverberator installed at one time ,or still there . That would require a rear speaker with an a/m radio . the reverberator would be mounted in the trunk in the shape of a metal box with a flat multi- wire coming from it . Some had just the knob on the dash ( rotating as well as pull out/in for on and off. The one I had in my '65 ( once owned ) also had a dimmer switch for on / off control as will as the fader knob or front to rear balance .
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