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My sleeve is 70 mm...
Mine are aftermarket, but what I realy like to know is how long is the original. Need to dig in and learn this as the whole travel set-up is done by this bolt. If I tighteen them as much as I can ( limiting the movement ), I have a travel of the rear axle of approx. 2". If I loosen everything and take out the rubber isolators, My rear axle can move 2 feet up and down, so to find the right length and then hunt after some realy soft rubber to make new isolators from.
When I bought my car, somebody hade put on super hard isolators. Like a hockey puck. No flex what so ever, meaning the stress transportated ( as the car tryed to move up and down while driving ) itself through the upper control arm, and created breaks in the framepart where the upper control arm sits.
Unfortunally there is no words in the shop manual about how to adjust or where the "factory setting" is, or what shore the rubber shall have.
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