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Thanks guys! I have had a couple old cars, a Chevy, a Chrysler, Plymouth, etc.

But this one car has become an obsession!

I almost bought a 1962 Thunderbird locally, but then I happened across the 1960 body style and fell in love with it.

Looked for about 5 months, finally found this one about 2 hours away. Bought it immediately, and every spare dime has gone to getting it as I want it.

I've got about 10 catalogs here, and have been surfing ebay and asking around.

My dash is perfect except for a tear on the far right passenger's side ... and some slight sagging from age. It's blue, and of course the repros only come in black and white, so I will have to dye the vinyl.

Personally, I hate this because the dye job, no matter how good, never lasts as long as it should.

I also need to replace the hinge covers, but they are only available in black and red, so they'd have to be dyed/painted as well.

Does anyone recommend any dyes or paints for these? Any suggestions on making them permanent? I've seen some of the nicest restorations with flaking and scratches and rubs.
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