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Default RE: Which way do the fender ornaments face?

I checked the gunsight ornaments on my 1960 Golde Top. When looking from the front of the car, the gunsight birds all face left, the same direction as the bird in front of the hood. In fact all the ornament birds - hood, gunsight, roof and trunk all face to the left when looking from the outside of the car on the 1960 Thunderbird. I will need to check my 1959 to see if that is also true for the 1959's.

Truthfully, you need to get very close to see which direction the birds on the 1960 gunsight ornaments face. My assumption is that all the gunsight ornaments were preassembled before being attached to the cars at the factory. Most were probably put together facing toward the left, but I sure that a car with gunsight ornament facing in a nonstandard way would have made it to the end of the sssembly line and to the dealer showroom. Even quality control would not care about that issue.

I wonder if anyone has ever gotten points taken off at a show for birds not facing the correct way. As a judge I have never even looked for this.

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