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[quote=Anders Myrberg;21475]That didnīt work Not sure if itīs stuck too hard, or if Iīm too weak... quote]

Don't feel bad. My first puller bent real bad. I welded long legs onto the flat part and started cranking. It got harder and harder, finally it went "C - R - A - C - K" and all the puller pieces cut loose. It's a GOOD THING I left the nut on, but backed out. I KNOW that steering wheel would have taken my head off! This is no joke. For the first few seconds, I didn't know what happened. Then it dawned on me that the wheel was against the backed-out nut and everything was ok.

I'm a real big guy. There's no way I could jerk my '55 Ford wheel off without cracking the plastic or bending the wheel. Yes, it was on THAT hard. Some guys get lucky, or they can use a flimsy puller. Wouldn't happen for me. - Dave
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