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Default Hallelujah

I think the epic saga of the stalling car has finally come to a finale.

Yesterday I rerouted the PCV line from the carb to the intake maniifold.

I also moved the the heater hose from a place where it was touching the fuel line near the carb (see photo). Later on that day I visited a car show (every second Saturday in Tucker, GA main square). A teenager restoring a 66 Mustang said he'd had the same problem with vapor lock and had traced it to the fuel line in contact with the heater hose. (!)

This morning when I tested the T-bird the problem seems to have gone. It ran for about 20 minutes without stalling. Temp stabilized at about 190F. Turned the car off. About 8 minutes later the engine restarted. Ran steadily at idle speed with no power loss.

I'm so thrilled to be able to drive the car without fear of being stranded and towed.

I hope this thread will be of benefit to anyone dealing with a similar enigma.

Thanks to all of you for being part of the process. This forum is a fabulous resource. I only hope that I can contribute in kind.

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