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You should have a (yellow) lead from your generator to the front side of your starter solenoid, on the passenger wheel well. The + lead from the battery also connects to the starter solenoid there.

I would disconnect the yellow wire from the solenoid (leaving the heavy lead to the battery as it was) and put an Ammeter in between the yellow wire that goes to the generator and and the front post on the starter solenoid.

The ammeter can now measure the current flow from the generator to the post on the solenoid as it is in series.

Once done, turn your headlights On. You should have a - (negative) reading on the Ammeter as you are drawing power from the battery to power the headlights. If it is + then swap the wires to the Ammeter.

At this point I would fire up the car and see what kind of amp readings I got. Hopefully + (positive!). If I got + readings, I would then turn the headlights on and the brakes and see if it is still positive with a substantial load on it.

If things are bad (-) I would consider another voltage regulator as a quick fix or take mine into a shop and test it. I keep a spare around "just in case", and because they are cheap.

Checking the leads to the voltage regulator (and any other critical wires) never hurts, including taking them off and polishing them up.

Checking your ground wires both to the chassis and the engine block is a good thing to do as well. I once thought I needed a new battery only to find the ground wire to the engine block had gotten loose.

Let us know if you have questions. I don't mind setting the same thing on my own car and walking you through it.

All this is pretty universal and applies to almost any vehicle.

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