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Almost all FE starters will interchange as long as you have the correct flywheel. That is to say you can use a 58 352 flywheel and starter on a 76 390 (if you cut a hole in the bellhousing for the starter drive to stick through!) and you can use a 76 360 starter and flywheel on your 58 332. The only exceptions are late 50's 2 speed Fordomatics that use a special flywheel and 410/428 that have externally balanced flywheels. As far as later engines go, you can use any later engine in an earlier car but you can't always use an earlier engine in a later one. The 62 and older FE engines usually do not have the hole for an alternator mount as used on most 63 and newer and on all 65 and newer FE's. Also 66 and newer FE engines have 4 motor mount bolt holes on each side, they have the two that all earlier engine have plus they have two additional ones that most later applications require. Also, later blocks all have the generator mount bolt hole on the side of the block below the head surface so that is not an issue (saw a post that said it might be so I mention it). As FE engines evolved, Ford made them backwards compatible. One thing to note, the 65 and later starter and flywheel will work just fine on an early car with a COM trans and is more dependable and easier to service if it does fail. Finally, starting in 63 Ford started using a block plate on the back of the engine between the block and flywheel. If you have a 63 and later bellhousing you need the plate but if you have a 62 and older bellhousing do not use the plate. There are also two basic designs for the plate 67 and older and 68 and newer (they fit stick or auto trans). The 68 and newer ones have holes in them to clear the screw in oil galley plugs. If you use an older plate on an engine with screw in plugs it is a problem but not the other way around. Hawkrod
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