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On the Granada conversion that I did on my car the calipers are notched and pivot in place.
Add the bottom bracket and spring clip then secure that with the large screw.

The caliper mounting bracket and vertical link is black in this picture. The caliper is grey, the caliper retaining bracket is brownish along with the round screw and the spring clip is silver resting on top of the caliper retaining bracket at the bottom of the caliper. All the spring clip does is keep the caliper from rattling in the bracket. There are two notches in the caliper retaining bracket but only one is used - no hole in the mounting bracket for two screws - kind of makes it look like something is missing but that's just the way it's designed. But it's all just bolted to the vertical link like in Yadkin's photo.

Here's a pic from a different angle. Can't see the top bolt because of the dust shields but bottom is visible.

Close up of bottom bolt and as you can see only one hole for the retaining screw in the caliper bracket.

Hope that helps,
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