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No problem!!!

I did find the piston/pad placement a bit odd but it works fine and 100X better than the old drums. Haven't noticed any unusual wear to the outside of the pad but guess I only have about 15K miles on them.

Steering stop (or lack of) was a problem with the short Granada hoses. The hose was under the upper A arm in a tight turn so I imagined a tight turn with a pot hole shearing the hose off of the caliper. That's why I switched to the banjo style hoses. All good now.

No issues with the calipers clearing everything in a turn and radius seems to be the same or better. I did have a rubbing noise in a sharp turn at speeds above 25ish mph. Never could find any evidence of what was rubbing. 99% sure it's the lip on the bottom of the lower A arm pushing the backing plate into the rotor. I shaved off the edge of the lips on the bottom of the A arms a bit and it seems to have cured the problem.

Here's a pic without the rotor or caliper and maybe you can see where the lip would push against the bottom of the backing plate or dust shield.

When it gets to be cooler weather I need head down to your shop in the Tbird so we can swap stories. Might even let you take it for a spin. :-)

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