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I'll throw my $.02 in too. Its so expensive to redo a car that it really doesn't matter what you have, with our birds, you need to do what you like best. I have a 59 convertible with a 430. But its not a J code car, a previous owner got ahold of a 59 430 drive train and put it in there. So it will never be bone stock. Its a street rod (actually its a very expensive pile of parte). Build what you want to drive, you can't go into it thinking its going to be an investment- unless you can do all of the work your self and don't get a wage. Mine will be a resto mod. So the body is unchanged, we've dechromed it a little, and we are lowering it. Nothing to radical, just improving on what I think is a beautiiful car already. Besides, technology has changed in the last 50 years so you may want a dual master cylinder with disk brakes, etc.

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