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Red face Well, I have both right now.

The 65 is all original except for the four foot long glass packs installed in probably the 70's , oh and my lowering it 2 inches.

My 58 on the other hand is running a 390 with a cam and eldebrock intake and carb, stock manifolds with custom exhaust and disk brakes with a bigger front sway bar.

The 58 does feel maybe a little bit stronger than the 65, but I wouldn't say either one have very exciting performance. Surprisingly the 65's brakes are still better than the Wilwood's I installed on the 58.

Neither handle very well, but I would say the 58 with that bigger front bar does feel better.

More people know what the 65 is than the 58, I hear alot of people that have no idea what the 58 is.

I see the 65 as really nice and comfortable to drive, it's quiet, has a/c, the 58 is loud and in your face. I think the 58 is more unique , bold styling, and masculine, where the 65 just exudes class

I personally not sure I can pick one I like over the other.

I can say that most of my friends tell me they all the like the 58 the best of all the cars I own and with my disease I have a quite a few.

My opinion is you can't go wrong with either one, you don't see them very often and they are built very well.

I was going to post a photo of mine together, but I don't have one....
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