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Hey guys great points and very true concerning that lovely squarebird. I remember not too long ago that the original Bird guys used to turn up their noses to us. Not anymore.
Many like and appreciate the style now!

Aah! that wrap around window. Can't tell you how many times I hit my head on the metal when I was working underneath the dash. Ouch!!!

If I see a nice squarebird that's in good shape for the price I will buy it. If I see an exceptional 64-66 bird with a C-6 and 315HP or 428 Q engine, (I doubt it though) I MIGHT TAKE A CHANCE.

Can't believe I sold my Squarebird. Let this be a lesson to others . DON'T DO IT UNLESS YOU CAN'T DRIVE IT ANYMORE OR RUN OUT OF MONEY!!!! --- JACK
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