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Still tweaking on this car, found a little issue with the fuel pressure regulator and got it mostly fixed.

I got onto I40 the other day on a two-lane ramp and a guy in a Kia "gerbil car" was neck-and-neck with me, so naturally I put my foot to the floor. The transmission never downshifted and I pulled away from him, but without the authority that I expect.

That night I started looking at the throttle linkage and found out that along with my kickdown off, the throttle plates weren't opening up fully. The linkage placement is slightly different with this new intake, and I never made the necessary adjustments. So I readjusted everything, reset a new base tune on the EFI then took it for a test ride.

After warming up I stopped for gas, stepped on it a little bit on my exit and unexpectedly spun the tires. Looks like I may be getting the tune right. When I got to the highway on ramp I put my foot to the floor and got up to 70 in the blink of an eye. Upshifting into third resulted in both back tires chirping.

I've driven V8s my whole life but this is my first performance big block. I'm not happy with the gas mileage but dang it's fun.
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