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Originally Posted by 1946hamm View Post
I am in the process of changing my old deteriorated radiator ...
Gary, this might not be the answer you want, but HOW is your old radiator deteriorated? And, why would you consider changing from brass/copper to an aluminum, which transfers heat with much more resistance?

The only reason we use aluminum is for cost savings not efficiency. If you are looking for a serious cooler, recondition your brass radiator. It may only need lime and calcium removal to open each core. Phosphoric acid does that nicely, especially when heated. I gotta believe, when your car was new, you probably could have treked across the Mojave.

Mustang radiators (with aluminum core and plastic sides) are cheaper, if that's what you want. I have thrown two away so far. I still use the 'desert cooler' my '55 came with (on a 351W), and the original rad my '59 Galaxie came with (with a 292 Y-Block).

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