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Default Upper Suspension ( control ) Arm Bushings, Rear

After having quite a "klonk" sound for a while, I found out that the bushings to the Upper Control Arm in the rear of my ī58 pretty much is gone.
Now, Looking for new ones ended up as a much harder than I thought.
In the end, the only Vendor who seems to have it in there catalog is Thunderbird Headquarter. I have mailed a few other but they donīt have it.
The "only" problem for me, is not that I donīt want to order from TBHQ, but the price. Most Rubber bushings seems to be priced quite fair around a few bucks each, but these ones are a tough one to take. They want 108 dollars for a pair, and I need 2 pairs...
Now, Is there any one out there who know if there is another bushing that might fit or have some tip how to fix this for less bucks
..."Lil darling Ruth"
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