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Default Scuff plates

I have purchased repro plates twice before I caught on they come from the same source. I was very disappointed with them and I did complain to Bird Nest. They are so thin not much more than aluminum wrap, they are not the right size and the holes don't match up. I bought a new pair and waited until the day I took my car for judging at the International held in Kansas City to install them. Sure enough when the judge opened the pass door the plate was smashed. Seems the plate was too wide and so thin that closing the door bent it. I finally bought a used set from Carl. I'll check locall you for Chrome plating prices. I felt ripped off both times I bought repros, and when I complained I was told that's all that's available . My advice is to talk with someone like Carl and get a decent set of used ones and avoid wasting your money on junk.
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