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Default "Tweety Bird" Gets Disc Brakes & More

I have finally caught up a bit and will load some comments and pix of the disc brake conversion that we did yesterday. We are about 3/4ths finished. We have the plumbing left to do, the flairing, cutting, bending, and running of the various new cunifer brake lines. We were not able to finish that yesterday due to time constraints, but we will finish that next Friday. Then it will be time to test drive it and check it all out.

The pictures do not show a lot of the clean up of various pieces that he did. He scraped off old gunk, cleaned the surfaces well before putting new parts on. We used new hardware also. Here are the comments and pix. Thanks to Dave who helped with putting this together! We have a GREAT Webmaster!

Pictures IMGP5680.JPG through IMGP5686.JPG show the removal of the old brake shoes, back plate and spindle cleanup.

Picture IMGP5687.JPG shows fitting the LH Scarebird bracket onto the spindle.

Picture IMGP5688.JPG shows the bracket is bolted to the spindle, the caliper is fitted without pads (so it must be removed again for the rotor), and the hub spacer (donut) is in place. I think he was just checking to make sure the bolt holes would line up correctly with the caliper holes.

Picture IMGP5689.JPG shows the rotor is installed with bearings well greased and dust cap on, and the caliper installed.

Picture IMGP5692.JPG shows the parts removed from the drivers side.

Picture IMGP5695.JPG shows the LH wheel is in place but the brake lines are not installed, yet.

Since the Right Hand side is a duplicate of the Left Hand side, I did not take as many pictures.
Picture IMGP5693.JPG shows the RH side bracket is bolted to the spindle and the hub spacer is installed. The hub spacer slid right into place without any problems at all. Make sure the grooved side is facing in against the other ring, and not looking you in the face! You will not get a good seal if you put it on the wrong way.

Picture IMGP5694.JPG shows the RH hub with rotor is installed.

Picture IMGP5691.JPG shows the RH hub with rotor and calipers installed.

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