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Default RE: What Model Transmission?

Yes, that is the filter kit I installed on my car. I did not want to cut the trans cooler lines. I disconnected one of the cooler lines at the trans. I installed a short new piece of cooler line at the trans fitting. I installed the filter in series using the hose provided in the kit. The filter and housing were remotely mounted using an existing hole in the frame. The car can be returned to factory condition with no problem. My car is a '60 Sunliner with an X frame. Clearances were a little tight. I've experienced no problems with leaks. T bird insallation will probably be different. It shouldn't be too hard. I also slipped insulation material over the hoses to prevent damage from exhaust heat. The modern paper filter is much more efficient than the original brass screen filter. I'm sure this will prevent the problems with contamination to your governor. Good luck.
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