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Default Engine swap

Hey that's cool
So Alan you are in Omaha as well!
I've got a 1958 I am in the middle of trying to know what to do... My 352 is in pieces that I bought like that and I don't know if it will go back together yet
I am going to be sticking in an aftermarket TBI from affordable-fuel-injection.
Do you know of any rebuilt 390s (with hardened value seats for unleaded) or any other engine that would fit easily in this that is available?
Does anyone else know of engines sizes that are easier enough to bolt into place here?
Like Geo61bird I was debating going to a 302 since supposedly you can find them with simple EFI units on them... but it appears you guys say it would be a lot more work and not recommended any idea as well in this direction would be cool though!
(or even better yet if someone has a EFI conversion kit they just never got around to installing they would like to sell!)
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