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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
There are 'truths' involved with heater hoses, that apply to all cars:
  • If the valve is anywhere in the hose, it will stop flow. This is also applies when switching electricity.
  • Heater cores are notorious for holding a bubble of air. If you feed the bottom of your heater core, all the air will come out the top, first.
Originally Posted by Djweaz View Post
I don't understand the Truths. My water pump is to the top of the heater core and the spot on the intake is on the bottom. Is that the correct placement?..
It helps to understand this as well:
Nearly all water pumps intake COLD coolant, then they force it into the engine.

HOT coolant exits the thermostat (next to your heater hose which is also hot coolant). So, main engine heat continues to the radiator while heater hose heat goes to the bottom of the heater core. This is the feed for the heater.

This is still in keeping with my original TRUTHS. Yes, you can pinch-off your heater hose (just like the valve does) and coolant will stop flowing heat into your heater core. Your cooling system will continue working just fine.

Sorry if the TRUTHS confuse you. They are meant to give a better understanding of how and why the systems work. - Dave
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