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Default Heater valve/Heater core

Installing a new heater core in my 59 this morning. It is different than the original one, the heater valve isn't attached like the original one, saying it was difficult to service so it was adapted into 2 separate pieces. Does anybody have a picture of one installed? Reading the notes to me is saying to install the heater valve outside of the cabin on the opposite side of the firewall putting the heater valve directly into the hose then a section of hose to the heater core. That is if I am reading it right.
I started this job a few months back and had to stop for health reasons. I am replacing the hoses now. But am wondering which one goes from the water pump to the top or bottom line and the intake hose. I had only planned on it being apart for a day or so. Does anybody know which goes to which?
Thanks Rob
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