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Tom, I sent you the link to my Galaxie-Scarebird retrofit in a PM on Jan 8th. Your calipers should fit on the Scarebird brackets like this:

I'm using all the same parts you described.

S10/S15 calipers come in two flavors, one for two-wheel drive and the other for four-wheel drive. Mine happen to be for 4WD but it doesn't matter. The difference is where the brake hose port is drilled. Mine is on the back and 2WD is on the end. Either one works as well as the other and I have no preference.

One last consideration:
Make sure your calipers have the rubber grommets and bushings. If you bought 'loaded calipers' they should come with everything. If you simply bought (bare) calipers and (bare) pads, you need the caliper bolt kit from your auto parts store. Check it out on my brake site, picture #25-6:

- Dave
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