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What Dave says makes since but when you search auto insulation almost everything that comes up is some sort of foil lined padding. When I searched Jute insulation one of the ads that popped up was for Dearborn Classics and he sells jute (synthetic fiber ) with the foil backing attached for floors and roofs.

The poly insulation I got from Mac's just doesnt seem like it would do much compared to the original jute that was there (that is why I was thinking ad the other with it). I did not have any problems removing the old jute. I used a Morter trowel and my shop vac as I scraped what was stuck there. it all went very well. The tacking strips look good enough to use again I bought the smallest staples I could find (8mm) but they seem to be too long and I dont have stapler that works worth beans (I have a hand and electric). I will hit the fabric stores this weekend to see what they have, I thought I saw Jute at one in Santa Rosa.
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