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hi everyone!

Ray and I have come up with about 77 or so references (links, books, magazines) we felt were appropriate. That gets us a start but just scratches the surface.

Please take a look, see what you think and see if anywhere it is empty (a topic but no references) you have something to add. Either post a reply or send ray or I an email.

For example, we have little on cooling systems - either fundamental information, sources of parts (Dearborn for the repro shrouds), test data or whatever. If someone, for example, wanted the best possible radiator core for optimal cooling, where would he look?

Others: instrument repairs (Alexander has info), people who do them, basics on how they work, how to upgrade...

Transmission repairs...

Golde top info...

Interior Info... how to replace the dashpad, headliner.

Disk brake upgrade - need all parts, details, so its self contained

Basically what have you found in your own experiences that one of us might need to know about at some point??


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